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Man van vermiste Franse verpleegster oogst kritiek door foto met andere vrouw

A man criticizes a missing French nurse in pictures…

A photo of Frenchman Cedric Jubilard on Facebook has sparked a lot of discussion. The man is the husband of 33-year-old nurse Delphine Jubilar, who went missing at the end of last year. But in the photo he recently shared, he’s surrounded by another woman.

Gebelard mysteriously disappeared from her home in Cagnac-les-Min, southern France, on December 16. Her disappearance has not yet been resolved, but her husband Cedric Jubilard has already found a new love. This is evident from a photo he posted on Facebook of himself and 44-year-old Séverine. It is said that the woman was an old friend of the couple.
Delphine and Cedric are said to have been involved in the divorce proceedings at the time of the disappearance.

Séverine denies that the two are in a relationship and says she is just a friend.

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At the time of the disappearance, the pair were initially considered. But he vehemently denied any form of involvement. He also said he did not understand why his wife would go for a walk at night without a cell phone, money, or a key, leaving her two young children behind. He didn’t speak to the media then, but did so recently. He indicated that he was considering a voluntary disappearance.