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A missile launched from Gaza at Israel again |  abroad

A missile launched from Gaza at Israel again | abroad

A missile was fired for the second day in a row at Israel in the Palestinian Gaza Strip. According to the IDF, the Iron Dome defense system intercepted the missile, one of dozens of rockets fired since Friday. The Israeli fighters, in turn, attacked targets of Hamas.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held consultations with the Defense Ministry. After that, he said, he ordered the army to prepare for “every scenario.”

The missile attack came Violent confrontations between right-wing Jews, Palestinians and the policeThe one that erupted in Jerusalem Thursday night, injuring more than 120 people.

In the wake of the most violent clashes in the holy city in recent years, the military wing of Hamas, the radical Islamist movement ruling the Gaza Strip, pledged on Friday to support Palestinians in East Jerusalem as a warning to Israel.

The riots that broke out Thursday night in Jerusalem left 120 people injured. © Agence France-Presse

The Gaza Strip, which has a population of two million, has been besieged by Israel since the Hamas takeover in 2007. Hamas and Israel have directly confronted each other three times between 2008 and 2014.

Since then, there have been sporadic rocket and balloons attacks from Gaza and reprisal attacks by Israel against Hamas or Islamic Jihad, the second largest Islamic militant group in the Palestinian sector.

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