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A mysterious artist turns out to be Madonna's son |  The art and literature

A mysterious artist turns out to be Madonna’s son | The art and literature

The art and literatureRocco Ricci, 21, has already sold some of his paintings for a lot of money under the mysterious pseudonym Red. But when it was revealed that Reed was none other than Madonna’s oldest son (63), many people frowned. So opinions are divided as to whether his success is due to talent or his parents.

The 21-year-old Rocco Ricci, son of Madonna and ex-husband Guy Ritchie, is said to have quietly developed as an Expressionist painter. He has had a number of shows at the Tanya Baxter Contemporary Gallery in Chelsea, West London since 2018. But since PageSix revealed Ritchie, opinions have been divided as to whether his success is due to his talent or his parents’ fame.

It’s hard to argue that Ritchie is Reid. Both of the same age, grew up in identical cities, and attended the Royal School of Painting. In 2020, Madonna and Guy Ritchie met briefly at the Tanya Baxter Contemporary, at a then-unnamed exhibition.

According to Tanya Baxter, the gallery’s curator, Reid uses thick oil paint and gestural brushstrokes for his depiction of the human form. While his paintings are “psychologically tense,” he balances this by using a color palette and painting “characters comically looming in the center of the canvas, often against a monochromatic abstract background,” Baxter says.

But not everyone was equally convinced of Ricci’s talent. The Guardian’s art critic, Jonathan Jones, claimed the artist caught the public’s eye early: “His paintings are clumsy teenage attempts without any sign of originality,” Jones said. “Of course, this does not mean that he cannot become a better artist. Drawing requires work. Therefore, it is a shame that Reed was put in the spotlight, while at the moment he is not a real artist yet. It is an amateur cut, a vague imitation of Picasso, it was possible That a million more young people would make it.”

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