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Eric Van Lowe plays The Lion King and Hermann Prosselmann...

Eric Van Lowe plays The Lion King and Hermann Prosselmann…

Chef Marcelo Ballardin entered tonight as the “Smartest Person in the World”. Jury member Hermann Brusselmanns immediately saw his opportunity to be muzzle operation For food that affects the intestinal tract. Later in the episode, Van Lowe paid tribute to the classic Disney movie The Lion King.

Desmytere Road

Tonight’s winner:

With 459 seconds, chef Marcello Ballardin immediately won his first post.


Geert Meyfroidt has to leave the game after four posts. Although the Dutch singer was clearly on the nerves during the final match, she managed to play the intense house role with three good answers for singer Camila Cabello.

Monday’s new arrival:

Arjen Lubach, Dutch comedian and TV presenter.

Best quotes:

Eric Van Lowe Against jury member Hermann Proslems: “Have you eaten at Marcello’s yet?”

Proslems: “Yeah. It was shit for three days.”


Van Loi He explains the strange dishes he has already eaten. “Kangaroo meat is very tasty. But it is expensive. You have to spend a lot of money for it.”


Van Loi To the jury: “Are you noisy eaters?”

Proslems: “No, you can’t hear me. For example, I’m eating now.”

The most beautiful moment:

Lieven Scheire, still the smartest person in 2019, is an avid cloud watcher. So when he appeared at the round open door, he was staring at the sky. The scene became a bit ‘The Lion King’ when Van Lowe suddenly appeared on the horizon like Mufasa. “Simba, ah, Levin,” he shouted. “Now just ask that question.” To what did Shire sigh: What do old people complain the most about?

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