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Google Foto’s: nieuwe widget voor herinneringen nu beschikbaar

A new reminder tool is now available

Earlier, there were already reports about a new widget from Google Photos. From now on, you have the option to use the new tool, which will take you right back in time.

Reminders in Google Photos widget

For some time now you can go to Google Photos for Memories. These are photos I took that day or that week years ago. Of course, you must have given Google Photos access to your photos for this. Once done, you will receive in-app reminders and an overview of previously uploaded files.

Now there is good news for widget fans. You can now use the Google Photos tool. This allows you to display the reminders on your home screen. Google itself chooses random moments to display. It can also be from any day of this year or previous years.

Memories tool is 2 x 2 tiles by default. However, you can enlarge it so that it can be seen more clearly. By clicking on the image, you go directly to the relevant image.

Google is rolling out the new functionality with a server-side update. You do not have to go to the Google Play Store to download the update. Since this is a server-side update, it may take some time for everyone to use the feature.

Google Photos
Google Photos

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