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Pokémon Go fans boycott Niantic base change

Pokémon Go fans boycott Niantic base change

After this revolution, Niantic was able to reconsider its decision and keep the rules of the game as they were during the pandemic.

Not long ago, Niantic, who created the Pokémon Go mobile title, announced that it wanted to gradually return to normal. Encourage users to play outsideAnd not at home, as the health crisis imposed. However, this decision is not unanimous around the world, especially in the United States, where the epidemic is far from under control.

Health above all

And the effect, Niantic an overview of “retour à la normal” avait été appliqué aux États-Unis et en Nouvelle Zélande, pushes Covid-19 patients n’a pas dépassé les de cas de cas parle j Mars. This is clearly not the case for the United States, where the delta variant is working to return the country to a significant fourth wave.

This is why many American fans have rebelled against the new policy of Pokemon GoWhich they said has brought them closer physically than they had been before the pandemic. So when Niantic tweeted about the arrival of new creatures in the game, fans collectively reacted with the hashtag #BoycottNiantic.

“We heard you. We were touched by your response.”

The studio did not hesitate to respond to this situation and published an open letter to all critics of these measures. The company promises them to set up a board whose sole purpose is to determine whether these new rules can be applied in accordance with the medical recommendations of the countries involved and whether they can ensure everyone’s safety.

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“We’ve heard your feedback on one change in particular – the interaction distance between PokéStops and Gyms. We’ve reduced the 80m interaction distance to the original 40m in the US and New Zealand because we want people to connect to real-world places and places to visit. Places worth exploring.

However, to address the concerns you have raised, we are taking the following steps: We are assembling an internal team to develop proposals to support our mission of inspiring people to explore the world together, while also addressing the specific concerns discussed around interaction distance. “

Niantic Specifies that the outcome of these discussions will be shared with players in 1He September, when the next season of the game begins. In the meantime, the new rules will continue to apply in these two countries.