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A new telescope measures the expansion of the universe |  Science

A new telescope measures the expansion of the universe | Science

The so-called DESI (Dark Energy Spectroscopy Instrument) began observations from the desert in the US state of Arizona. This was announced by those responsible for the space project. The telescope is designed to map the universe in 3D with unprecedented accuracy and should give us a better view of the expansion of the universe.

For five years, the DESI will focus its 5,000-fiber-optic eyes on the night sky. For example, a telescope should record and analyze light from 35 million galaxies at different times in the universe. With the help of this data, scientists want to understand the mysterious force known as “dark energy”. This dark energy will be responsible for accelerating the expansion of the universe, explains the Berkeley Laboratory, which oversees the project.

Due to the expanding universe, galaxies are moving away from each other. The farther they are, the more light they emit from shifts to the long wavelengths of the perceived spectrum, in other words to red. By analyzing energy radiation from galaxies, DESI will be able to provide scientists with information about the distance of galaxies from Earth. This allows researchers to make a 3D map of the universe.

In this way, they hope to better understand the nature and effect of dark energy. This invisible component of the universe acts as a repulsive force. This would explain why the expansion of the universe has accelerated for several billion years.

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