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Tips for attractive public spaces

Tips for attractive public spaces

Stadswerk Nederland has formulated 32 action points “For an Attractive Public Space”. The intent is to incorporate the proposals into election programs and local politics.

Organization sent Directives for the 2022 municipal elections For all 352 municipal councils. The recommendations are divided into eight social issues, such as recycling and public health promotion. These points can be incorporated directly into an election program or an environmental vision. The makers confirm. Most of the municipalities themselves belong to Stadswerk.

As green as possible

The guide suggests, for example, “making neighborhoods as green as possible” and calling for people to come together and stay outdoors. How? “To provide a park for everyone within 500 meters, preferably with continuous connections to the surrounding nature in the countryside.” Addressing missing links in the cycle path network was also mentioned, as was preventing floods with trees and plants.

Practical examples

Each topic contains references for additional information. “Increasing the municipality’s attractiveness to residents, businessmen, and visitors, and with them” was supplemented with an article from Digital participation: Municipalities share knowledge and software. Practical examples may also sound familiar to the reader of this website. This is how Hoten’s bike city is called when it comes to good accessibility.

The green statement

Nature and parks organizations have previously called for more attention to a green living environment in the municipal elections. By declaring, “Everyone has the right to a green living environment” they hope to help politics get its way.

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