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A new victory for the Red Panthers (6-1) against the United States in Antwerp

A new victory for the Red Panthers (6-1) against the United States in Antwerp

The women’s national hockey team had already won 6-1 (first half: 3-0) in the 15th country in the world, dominating 3-0 in their first official game of the year on Saturday. With this, Belgium, ranked 12th in FIFA, added their third win to their league record, but is still seventh. Without his head coach Raul Ehren, but replaced by his new Australian assistant Tim White, and a slightly different core (Pauline Lecliffe, Sophie Versavel and Elena Sudjo replacing Sophie Limerick, Shunda Aquino and Elody Picard), Belgium is less than it is today First. Led by Barbara Nlin and Charlotte Engelbert (the player of the match), the Belgians improved the situation by scoring three runs in the second quarter. The first goal was scored by Amber Balenjin, in a beautiful distraction for the goal (16). Second Stephanie Wandon Puri at gunpoint (23) after a penalty kick (computer), and then from Ikijono to celebrate his third title with an international goal (24).

The Panthers, dissatisfied with the fact that there was an Isling de Hooke between the panels to replace Picard, did not release the pressure after the break. The Americans, reduced to a college team, scored 3 more goals in 4 minutes. Balling signed his double with a new twist (31). Vandon Barry followed suit with a backhand punch in a new PC series (34th) before Lucy Breen also got a fun twist (35th), a new special for the Raul Ehren players.

Belgium had many opportunities to feed the goalkeeper in the last period, but it was in a hurry, especially after Tiffin Dukesne’s strike. In contrast, the United States was finally realistic in a PC series and saved the Honor Linnia Gonzalez (54th).

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In 11 games, Belgium now have 3 wins and 3 draws, including 1 bonus and 5 defeats. The Panthers are still seventh in 9 countries in the rankings, with 39.39 pieces. America is ninth and last with 0 computers. Following the postponement (or cancellation) of the doubles match against Argentina this weekend, the next Belgian match will take place on May 30 in Antwerp against the Netherlands (FIH-1), with a tough competition of 87.88.