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Delicious, a few kilometers on your plate

Delicious, a few kilometers on your plate

Ermelo – a few kilometers on your plate. It looks scattered and not very tasty, but the opposite is true. This is the title of NMP’s new digital folder, which promotes the purchase of local products. It was a good bike ride.

Francesca Meizer

The folder was created by three volunteers from the Nature and Ecology site, Root de Zhang, Han Cuttenwingle and Art Hookendurn. It is on the NMP site and the cycle path navigation can be downloaded with the help of QR code. They put up posters with information at various camps, which are also available at the tourist office.

“Apples from New Zealand or Argentina, asparagus from Peru, beans from Egypt, wine from Chile …, have sometimes traveled halfway around the world before the food is finished in your kitchen. Many of these products are in our own environment. It saves a lot of transport, so energy and pollution, which is good for the environment. Because of this shortcut, the products are also very refreshing and therefore delicious, ”the team said. This is certainly the case when growing and reproducing on a small scale, such as articles from country stores and other local manufacturers. The aforementioned NMP staff have now collected product information and drawn up a list of eight companies in the Ermelo area.

Since these companies are reasonably close to Ermelo, Putin and Gardner, they have devised a cycle path for them. “Go and see what’s already for sale in the area,” Root says. “Then get on your bike immediately and that way you will automatically get healthy food,” he suggests. He has been working at NMP for almost three years now and is also a volunteer at Delkt Vineyard, which is also on the list of addresses to visit. Because even a good glass of wine with that healthy food is allowed. Another address on the list is the Pumpkin Nursery de Cupparshow, for example, which can be fun to visit in the fall. Country Shop de Vrolijk Keat is already very sexy. Many take gardens are also listed. The common feature of habitats is that they produce responsibly: the environment and animal welfare are taken into account. Most addresses also have terraces where you can relax now, so you can catch your breath again. Finally, this list includes some other scenes, such as the Hannachans and the Roman parade camp. “That way you can turn it into a fun day trip, which is recommended with kids. If you want to cycle the entire route, you will be on the road for a while, which is more than 40 kilometers. It would be useful to check the start times in advance, ”they say.

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Overall, a good effort by the working group concludes, “The main goal was to find out what you eat and how the product traveled.”