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A promising sci-fi movie is coming to Netflix very soon

A promising sci-fi movie is coming to Netflix very soon

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen the first images from the big science fiction movie Adam’s Project from Netflix. The original release will go live on the streaming service in mid-March. What can we expect from the movie?Adam’s Project It has been in development for years. In 2012 he drew the script titled Our name is Adam From the attention of TS Nowlin. Paramount Pictures bought it and withdrew Tom Cruise Even for the leadership role.

This party eventually fell, probably in part because Cruz had already appeared in sci-fi movies amnesia And the edge of tomorrow† In July 2020, Netflix jumped into the hole and suggested Shawn Levyknown from real steel And the free manas a director.

The Adam Project with Ryan Reynolds
after red notice And the 6 underground He is Adam’s Project Third major on Netflix Original from the actor Ryan Reynolds† Later in 2020, the cast was expanded with names like Zoe SaldanaJennifer GarnerMark Ruffalo And the Catherine KeenerAlex Mallary Jr. Walker Scoble.

Reynolds recently compared the movie to Which. T. extra floor Written by Steven Spielberg, this sci-fi movie is also aimed at young adults and may contain some 80s moments.

what do you say? From March 11th you will find Adam’s Project on Netflix. Do you think you’ll watch this, or do you have reasons to leave the movie to the masses?