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What do Dutch cinema audiences think of “Marvels”?

What do Dutch cinema audiences think of “Marvels”?

The superhero film The Marvels has been showing in Dutch cinemas since last Wednesday. Although the movie wouldn’t be a huge success if Avengers: Endgame Enough people are going to the movies again.

As is often the case, we take a look at the reactions of Dutch moviegoers online, after we’ve already reported on the film Fresh Available on Rotten Tomatoes. But do the Dutch think so too?

“skinny six”
“A measly six” Children’s book author Marcel van Driel writes on X. “That’s all I can do with it. Ms. Marvel saves the movie and there’s a couple of great scenes in it, but when the best thing in the movie is the last 10 minutes announcing the next projects, you’ve really got a problem.”

“I thought it was a great movie. But I’m also a fan of Captain and Ms. Marvel. Bonus if you’ve watched both series in advance. I laughed out loud a few times,” According to some Linda on X.

“Very good very nice!”
And Mick Hamel: “Without spoilers: Marvels was so much fun! The singing planet, the baby boom, the music, Kamala’s family, the credit scene, so good and so cute!”

“I laughed out loud a few times during The Marvels. Obviously the movie was chopped up, which made some moments a little random; but it wasn’t about the humor.” Wesley Ackerman writes. “Also weird references to the sequels. But it’s not a movie you should watch right away.”

And Robin Hood: “I just watched The Marvels, and I didn’t really think it was a bad movie at all. I had a great time! I don’t understand all the negativity.” Here are some online reactions. And of course the film is still being shown on the silver screen.