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A psychological dilemma throws the group dynamics completely out of balance in "The Unknown": "The atmosphere is gone!"  |  television

A psychological dilemma throws the group dynamics completely out of balance in “The Unknown”: “The atmosphere is gone!” | television

televisionin 'The unknownTomorrow the candidates will face new dilemmas, new adventure games and two eliminations. This time, both teams head into the untamed nature of Bulgaria, intent on increasing their coffers significantly. Playmaker Axel Desselier faces not only the collective dilemmas of the candidates, but also the personal dilemma of one player from each team.

Although the game has just begun, the psychological wheels of the candidates are already turning at full speed and the dilemmas are seriously disrupting the group dynamics… “Today it will be even tougher.” Axel declares: “You will spend your day on the water and in the forest, because this is Bulgaria.” also”.

The first dilemma revolves around water, as candidates have to get money from floating barrels as quickly as possible. Do they choose the familiar route by rowing a boat, or do they go into the unknown, knowing that this can be faster but not without risks? Barely recovered and still high on adrenaline, the group and atmosphere are further tested by a confrontational psychological dilemma.

Now that the candidates know each other better, the Red Team and Green Team must rank their group members based on one seemingly “simple” question: “Which of the group thinks highly of themselves?” A task that completely throws the group dynamics off balance. “What kind of mission is this?! The atmosphere seems to have gone. The two teams are using completely different strategies, but what the candidates don’t know is that whoever ends up at the top of the rankings will face a personal and individual dilemma from Axel.

'The unknown“, every Monday at 8.40pm on VTM and in full on Streamz.

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