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More space for playgrounds due to new permit system

More space for playgrounds due to new permit system

Amsterdam – The rules for issuing permanent permits for street traders are to change. This concerns individual permits for standing outside regular markets, such as flower stalls and herring carts. Since the current system is not compatible with European regulations, no permits are currently being issued, while a large number of entrepreneurs are ready to start their businesses. For example, in the 15 new playgrounds that the city has room for. Therefore, in anticipation of the new system, the council is immediately introducing a temporary rule to allow new and vacant playgrounds to be licensed again. This gives everyone who wants a permit an equal chance to get a place.

temporary arrangement

From now on, new permits will be awarded by lottery and possibly on the basis of selection criteria. The list of applicants has also been closed with this temporary arrangement. Entrepreneurs who were on this waiting list can still compete for a permit through a lottery. The temporary arrangement will end once a new regulation for stadiums is adopted. This is expected to happen in 2025. This regulation will be compatible with European regulations.

New policy and organization

Nothing will change for entrepreneurs who already have a permit, but in the long term, permits that were granted for an indefinite period will have to be converted to a fixed period. After the permit period expires, the permit will be issued again by lottery to interested entrepreneurs. In most cases, the duration of the new permits is ten years, so that the permit holder has a realistic payback period for the investment. There may be reasons (related to the location) for the permit to be shortened, for example if the playground is on a street or in a square where planning changes are expected. Nothing will change with the existing permits until the new policy comes into force.

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room for innovation

With the above measures, entrepreneurs can no longer stay in a place indefinitely. This stimulates renewal and innovation and ensures a better connection with the needs of the population. This benefits the quality of the facilities and the attractiveness of the neighborhoods. Entrepreneurs can always suggest new ideas and locations for presentations.