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A Scottish woman (86) recovers her wedding ring she lost 50 years ago in a potato field |  Abroad

A Scottish woman (86) recovers her wedding ring she lost 50 years ago in a potato field | Abroad

Peggy MacSween, an 86-year-old woman living on the Scottish island of Benbecula, had without a doubt one of her most memorable days. The woman got her wedding ring back after losing it at least 50 years ago in a potato field. Peggy lost the ring in the 1960s while digging potatoes. She was sure she would never see her wedding ring again, until now.

“I dusted off the gloves, and the ring was gone. I didn’t notice until I got home,” Peggy said of the moment I lost the gem. “I went back once or twice to look for the ring, but there was no way to find it.”

Donald McPhee, a fellow Islander at Peggy, was made aware of the missing item and began searching for the Golden Ring. After three days of searching in the area where a potato field was some fifty years ago, Donald found his wedding ring. The man, who runs an inn on the island, drilled at least 90 wells and found many scrap metal and drink cans with his metal detector before finally finding the ring.

“I couldn’t believe it”

Donald immediately took the find to its rightful owner. “He stood at the front door and said, ‘I have something to show you,’ and that was the ring,” Peggy recalls. “I couldn’t believe it, but it was there. I thought I would never see that ring again,” it seems.

Peggy married her husband John in 1958, who died a few years earlier. Then he bought her a new one to replace the lost ring. Meanwhile, Peggy also wore her mother’s wedding ring.

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