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A social democracy on its way to becoming Sweden's first female prime minister |  Abroad

A social democracy on its way to becoming Sweden’s first female prime minister | Abroad

Swedish Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson, 54, was elected as the new leader of the Social Democratic Party at a party conference in Gothenburg. This appointment paves the way for the appointment of Anderson as the new Prime Minister of Sweden.

Andersen, who was the only candidate, succeeded outgoing Prime Minister Stefan Lofven at the helm of the SPD.

Lofven, 64, had already announced in August that he was stepping down as party chairman and prime minister. It is now intended that Anderson will quickly take over the premiership from him. Therefore, unless a majority of MPs votes against it, Anderson will become the country’s first female prime minister. It is not yet clear when this vote will take place.

Löfven was head of the Swedish government for seven years. But his position was precarious, in part because his coalition could not count on a majority in Parliament. The last months of his reign were particularly tumultuous. With his resignation, he wants to give his party the opportunity to improve its position for elections in September 2022.

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