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Russia expels Dutch journalist from the country

Russia expels Dutch journalist from the country

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Russia has expelled a Dutch journalist from de Volkskrant newspaper for “administrative violations”. De Volkskrant advertises itself on its website. The same thing happened to a BBC journalist in August.

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Russia withdrew the visa of Volkskrant reporter Tom Vinnik this week. He returned to the Netherlands on Wednesday. “I learned on Monday that I had to leave Russia in three days,” Vinink told de Volkskrant newspaper. “The reason given by the Russian authorities is two administrative violations from a few years ago.”

In 2019, Vennink was fined for entering a county in the North without first seeking permission from the governor. In 2020, another small fine followed for failing to report his whereabouts in Moscow on time. According to Finnick, this eviction has a chilling effect, also toward other reporters.

In mid-August, the Russian government refused to extend the visa of Sarah Rainford, the BBC’s Moscow correspondent.

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