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A space for entrepreneurship in the Leiden region

A space for entrepreneurship in the Leiden region

The municipalities of Katwijk and Leiden have agreed to investigate whether there is additional space for businesses in Florapark West and, if possible, to develop this. These agreements were included in an administrative agreement between the two municipalities. The agreement was signed on Monday 14 March between Katwick Aldermann Jako Knapp and Leiden Alderman Yvonne Van Delft. The municipality announced this in a press release.

It was agreed in the region that there should be enough space for companies. This way we ensure that staffing remains at the right level.

When converting industrial areas into residential locations, municipalities may compensate for this space among themselves. In Leiden, this relates to Werninkterrein (3.5 ha), which is part of the Veilingterrein (0.9 ha) and part of the Rooseveltstraat-Trekvliet (0.8 ha). Homes come here.

Since the space to make up for these industrial zones within the Leiden region is limited, Leiden asked Katwijk to jointly search for space for companies.

local business
Katwijk would like to cooperate with Leiden’s request so that enough space remains available for the local business community and to transform business parks in Katwijk and in the region.

In 2020, the municipalities of Leiden and Katwijk jointly conducted a quick survey of sites in Katwijk that could be suitable for a new business park. Florapark West emerged as a convenient location. A better distribution of spaces for homes and commercial complexes is good for the area and maintains employment in the area.

“This agreement allows us to split the costs.”
Alderman Jacco Knape: To be able to expand the business park, all kinds of studies need to be done. This agreement with Leiden allows us to split costs. Florapark West will in principle lend itself well to expansion. Although we have to look closely at the conditions, along with the local population and the existing business complex.

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Alderman Yvonne Van Delft: “We have great tasks in the Leiden region when it comes to living and working. With the regional business park strategy and implementation plan, we are together looking beyond municipal boundaries. I am glad we were able to make good agreements with Katwijk. This leaves room for practice Business in Leiden We can build much-needed homes in Leiden.

This paper also looks at points of interest such as nitrogen, mobility, land tenure, and archeology. Municipalities then decide whether to continue to compensate at this location, or whether another location should be chosen.

The locals are of course involved in this.