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Max Verstappen after Friday’s P2: ‘There is room for improvement’ –

Max Verstappen after Friday’s P2: ‘There is room for improvement’ –

On Friday we saw Charles Leclerc set the fastest time at Ferrari twice, followed by Max Verstappen each time for the second time, but according to Verstappen there is still room for improvement.

“The session went well,” Verstappen said, according to his official website. “We finished our program and tried different tire combinations during our rides.”

“Ferrari seems to be very competitive again. We still have some work to do to keep up with that. So there is still room for improvement.”

This improvement will really be necessary to be able to compete with Ferrari. The track has also been slightly modified from last year by moving the track barrier back in places to improve visibility. In addition, the last corner of the circle has also been slightly expanded.

“You can go down a little bit now, but the changes haven’t done much for visibility,” Verstappen said. “Hopefully we can improve a bit. We still have to review the data to see what to do about cornering and straight line speed. Once we find out, we’ll see how it goes tomorrow.”

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