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A supervolcano in the US is stirring with more than 1000 cubic kilometers of magma

A supervolcano in the US is stirring with more than 1000 cubic kilometers of magma

Fortunately, while the supervolcano is not expected to erupt, a study now shows that it could cause violent earthquakes.

Earthquakes are lurking

Researchers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have identified more than 2,000 earthquakes in the past 12 years.

Earthquake swarms began in 2011 and caused deformations on the rift surface, which has risen significantly in many places.

That’s why scientists are investigating why the rift is experiencing more seismic activity than ever before — and whether it could be a dangerous precursor to one or more devastating earthquakes.

By taking images with more than 100 seismic measurements at a depth of 10 kilometers, US researchers were able to explain the variations of the supervolcano.

Increasing earthquakes are the result of underground gases and liquids being forced to the surface as the supervolcano’s magma cools and solidifies.

This process is now reaching its decisive stage – the eventual extinction of the dormant volcano.

“We don’t think a supervolcanic eruption is imminent, but this cooling process could release enough gas and liquid to cause large earthquakes and eruptions,” said Zhangwen Zhan, a Caltech geophysics professor and co-author. studyA Declaration.

Permanent damage

Supervolcanoes are the supervillains of geology.

A volcano that ejects more than 1,000 cubic kilometers of material is considered ‘super’ if it has had at least one eruption.

Supervolcanoes are usually identified by their craters. The explosions are so powerful that they explode, often leaving only a flat crater.

These are very large eruptions, the effects of which last for thousands of years, including earthquakes.

That’s why scientists closely monitor seismic activity near all supervolcanoes.

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