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This is why there are no green kiwis in the supermarket for weeks

This is why there are no green kiwis in the supermarket for weeks

There is currently a shortage of green kiwifruit in the Netherlands, which experts say is due to recent events in New Zealand. says Gert den Haan of Groentebroer, a well-known company that has markets and its own online store for fruits and vegetables. AD New Zealand is currently experiencing a harvest crisis. “In terms of kilos, the harvest is the same as any other year. But not close in numbers. Kiwis from plantations in New Zealand are now remarkably large, but numbers are very low.

This situation is due to a number of natural disasters, including floods and landslides resulting from Cyclone Gabriel, which hit New Zealand in February. “Kiwi plants were affected by this in the spring. There were very few flowers and therefore less fruit. The grown kiwis were significantly larger than normal.

Supermarkets in the Netherlands are currently having problems meeting the demand for kiwis. Ronald van der Ort, a spokesman for Jumbo Supermarkets, tells AD that bulk purchases of kiwifruit are currently not possible. “We expect to be able to deliver packaged green kiwis in 1-kilogram trays again within a week, while individual copies will be available later.” Albert Hein even reports that green kiwis ‘simply run out’. “Hopefully we’ll get them back soon. About a week and a half from now. Then the season starts in Italy,” said Albert Heine spokesman AD.

In this case, it’s about green kiwis, which are rare in supermarkets, but there are also yellow kiwis. Kiwis are real vitamin bombs in general. It contains more vitamin C than oranges. But which is better to take: green or yellow? One of the two is somewhat healthy.

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Many people think that green kiwi is healthy. Perhaps because people associate the color green with health. Yellow kiwi is very sweet and may seem a little healthy. But none of that is true. Want to know more about it? Then read this article: Green or Yellow: These Kiwis Are Really Healthy

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