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A true celebration of design

A true celebration of design

At the heart of refined interior design lies a treasure trove of timeless elegance, contemporary creativity and exceptional visions. This is no ordinary place. This is the unparalleled world of RR Interior, where the best exclusive brands and stunning designs merge into a comprehensive concept that fulfills every interior dream. In collaboration with interior architect Isabelle Maes, RR Interior, together with one of the talented interior architects Magali Six, is once again creating a project with a unique experience that connects the interior and the exterior.

At RR Interior, it’s all about making dreams come true. La rive, their latest project in Knokke, is a place where the furniture tells a story and where the space comes alive with the most amazing pieces. Imagine: Japanese Miyazaki armchairs and single-seater sofas that invite relaxation, Living Divani modular sofas that embody the perfect harmony of form and function, Carine Boxy sheepskin rugs that are soft yet elegant, and Flexform sunbeds on which you can forget about time. The special detail here is that the outdoor furniture reflects the beautiful choices inside. This makes the connection between indoors and outdoors seamless, as is the case with the Flexform Ortigia lounge chair, which is used both indoors and outdoors.

Purity, beautiful lines and warm materials are key here

What makes this project so special and how does it fit into the design language of RR Interior? It’s all about finding a nice view, with openness to the lake being the priority. The owners share a passion for unique and beautiful things and, in collaboration with RR Inrieur, have carefully selected just the right items. Purity, beautiful lines and warm materials are key here. Comfort is key, with different seating functions optimizing the space. As for materials and colors, interior designer Isabelle laid the foundation with warm materials and dark tones that are reflected in the furniture. The materials radiate warmth, creating an atmosphere of comfort and luxury. The furniture chosen is a true celebration of design. From Living Divani to Flexform; Every piece exudes elegance and quality. A Riva solid walnut table, with some classics from Cassina and Verpan, completes the setting. But what makes this space truly unique are the warm frames of the outdoor furniture and the low dining table from Baxter. This creates a perfect interior and exterior feel. The inspiration for this project came from the deep collaboration between Isabelle and the owners, bringing their shared vision to life. Coordinating the right elements was essential, and the result is an environment that radiates warmth, luxury and sophistication. The overall message that this project wants to convey is clear: interior design is not associated with the “beige” world. Warmth can also be created using dark accents and appropriate materials. And there’s more! RR Interieur recently opened an outdoor store, directly opposite RR Corner, and together with Meubili now forms the RMC Group. This means that RR Interior has the opportunity to bring more beauty and functionality to your outdoor space.

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Text by Elke Aerts