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A week after the merger with Crelan, the account is still blocked for some Axa Bank customers

A week after the merger with Crelan, the account is still blocked for some Axa Bank customers

Former AXA Bank customers have been able to log into the Crelan app since Monday last week. The previous weekend, Crelan had migrated the data of nearly 840,000 customers to its own systems.

According to Crelan, less than 1.5 percent of those customers experienced problems. “For most of these customers, the issues have now been resolved,” she added. It seems that the technical teams will continue to work to solve everything.

“Unfortunately, there are currently still customers facing blocked accounts. The bans are the result of various error codes (such as a lack of signatures in associations or customers who were affiliated with both banks, but were only digitally active). This concerns customers from both sectors,” says Crelan. Private and professional.

According to the bank, this problem represents a priority for the technical teams. A solution is being worked on for each error code. “We currently expect that all error codes will be resolved in the coming days,” the bank said. It acknowledges that there has been a “material impact” on these customers and that “resolution – due to the complexity of the full number of error codes – will take a long time for them” and apologizes for this.

Many issues have already been resolved, for example some transactions being delayed, because not all card payments from former AXA Bank customers were processed over the merger weekend. The queue that arose due to the peak moment in the application for customers who wanted to make the switch has also been removed. Today, it appears that 85 percent of customers are already active on the Crelan app.

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Crelan also says customer service has been enhanced, so there are no more wait times. Meanwhile, all emails are processed one by one. Customers who had an account with both Krylan Bank and AXA Bank and who did not comply with the terms of the anti-money laundering policy of one of the two banks had their account blocked for a few days. But this problem has been solved now.