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British regulator begins investigation into proposed acquisition of Juniper by HPE – IT Pro – News

And then you still don’t remember many of them. I was never a big fan of Juniper in the ScreenOS days, but since JunOS I’ve always been a big fan. I have extensive experience with almost all of their products, from switches, routers and firewalls to WiFi (fog) and DDoS mitigation (in collaboration with Corero). One thing they do consistently well is platform stability as long as you’re not using their high-end hardware and software.

What was particularly missing from Juniper was good overlay software. Of web interfaces (although who needs them :+ ) to appropriate front-ends for (terribly working) security suites, e.g., firewalls or SD-WAN. Besides their blurry facade, there was little intuition in this aspect.

At HPE I have exactly the opposite. I think they usually have a good and intuitive front end, but their platform stability sometimes leaves something to be desired. Note that I don’t have much experience using HPE networking equipment, so lines other than the ones I’ve worked with may be more mature, but my experience hasn’t been very good at all.

Overall, I see great advantages in this deal, especially since Rami remains the CEO of the branch. If you can combine HPE software with Juniper’s powerful platform, I truly believe you have the potential to grow into the world’s largest network farmer.

Edit: I clarified that I’m mainly speaking from my experience and don’t want to state things as facts 🙂

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