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Vrouw breekt in bij tandartspraktijk en trekt 13 tanden bij onwetende patiënt

A woman breaks into a dental clinic and removes 13 teeth from…

An American woman has been arrested after breaking into a dental clinic twice. During the robberies, the woman not only stole nearly $23,000, but also snatched 13 teeth from an unintended patient.

Police have found 52-year-old Laurel Eshe after a report of a break-in at a dental clinic on Sun Valley Boulevard in Reno. It turns out that $22,861 was stolen. After some detective work by the police, Eshe appeared in the photo.

Esh was arrested and questioned about the break-in. During interrogation, the police discovered that the woman had more than just a robbery with which she took money.

13 years

Washoe County Mayor’s Office Reports indicate that Laurel pulled out 13 teeth from a patient who was unconscious in a previous burglary. Eshe, who once worked in the clinic where she had committed her horrific act, drugged the patient with an anesthetic she had found in the clinic.

Esh is suspected of unauthorized operation, burglary, theft and test violation with a suspended sentence. The condition of the patient who lost 13 teeth is unknown.

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