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European roads turned red on Saturday: an added nuisance already due to flooding

European roads turned red on Saturday: an added nuisance already due to flooding

In our country, there are already waves of traffic jams due to traffic congestion on Friday afternoon: around 3 pm there were already 151 kilometers of traffic jam. Some entrances and exits on the E314 were closed due to water damage. Most expressways are perfectly acceptable. For traffic back, there is a traffic jam on E411 Luxembourg – Namur for an hour. The VAB recommends avoiding local roads in the provinces of Liege and Luxembourg and prioritizing emergency services. Many areas and streets are still inaccessible for VAB Road Service.

There is an inconvenience in Germany due to floods and accidents on the A3 Oberhausen – Cologne – Frankfurt: you have to take into account the loss of 2.5 hours of time. You also have to count an hour and a half delay on the A3 Würzburg – Nürnberg – Munich.

In France, there is heavy traffic mainly from Luxembourg towards Nancy and in classic jams. You lose up to an hour.

The table below from VAB shows the expected traffic congestion on the main holiday hubs in France. The Navigation Club recommends choosing the correct departure time, so as not to hit the red moments on the indicated routes.

In these places and at these times, VAB expect traffic jams in France.VAB picture

In Switzerland, the entrance and exit on the A2 Basel – Chiasso near Lucerne were closed due to flooding. Moreover, there is also heavy traffic towards Italy. For the Gotthard Tunnel, you have to factor in more than 2.5 hours of additional travel time.

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