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A woman gives birth to a 29-week-old baby on a plane: "The medical staff uses a smartwatch to measure heart rate" |  The best thing about the web

A woman gives birth to a 29-week-old baby on a plane: “The medical staff uses a smartwatch to measure heart rate” | The best thing about the web

An American woman who was only 29 weeks pregnant gave birth on a plane to Hawaii. For the great happiness of mother and baby, there seemed to be a nursing staff on board, and they happened to have a lot of experience with premature babies.

Lavinia Mona was traveling from Salt Lake City to Hawaii on a family vacation on April 28, when contractions began and she gave birth to her son Raymond after just 29 weeks pregnant. The doctor and a team of newborn nurses were in the right place at the right time.

Dale Glenn, the doctor on board, recounts how there was a sudden call to ask if there was a doctor on board: “About halfway through the flight, there was an emergency call, and it seemed very urgent.” Both the three nurses and the doctor took action right away. Without special equipment for a premature baby, the group got creative: They used shoelaces to tie the umbilical cord and a smartwatch to measure the baby’s heart rate.

“Working in such a small space was a huge challenge, but the teamwork was great,” Glenn said. One of the passengers photographed the air on board and Post the clip on TikTokIt was viewed more than 11 million times on Sunday evening.

Go outside in a wheelchair

Then the plane took another three hours to land in Honolulu. Upon arrival, the paramedics boarded the plane. The photos show how the mother and son, who survived the birth well, were brought out in a wheelchair.

The three nurses then visited the mother and premature son at Children’s Hospital in Honolulu. That was an emotional reunion. We were all crying. She said we’re all aunts now. One of them said.

Mina is now discharged from the hospital, but son Raymond will remain in the neonatal department for the time being: “It was all so overwhelming,” said Manga. “I was very fortunate to have so many people on board who could help me and make sure everything was fine during the flight.”

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