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London pays Tehran £ 400m for release of a British woman |  abroad

London pays Tehran £ 400m for release of a British woman | abroad

The latter quoted an unnamed official as saying that an agreement had been reached with the United Kingdom and the United States to release prisoners from the Western left in Iran.

London is said to have agreed to repay a debt of 400 million pounds (459 million euros) for not supplying tanks in the 1970s. Sky said Washington, on the other hand, would pay $ 7 billion in frozen Iranian assets, but did not immediately confirm the deal.

Zaghari-Ratcliffe was sentenced to one year in prison last week for his anti-government propaganda activities. The 42-year-old was arrested during a family visit to Iran in April 2016 and convicted of attempts to overthrow the regime through propaganda. At the beginning of March of this year, her house arrest was lifted because she had served her sentence, but shortly thereafter she was convicted again.

The UK continues to describe Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s treatment on Sunday as “torture”. “It’s locked up against the law and not being treated well,” said Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab. “In general, there is definitely torture.”

According to Raab, Zaghari-Ratcliffe is used as a “pawn in the Iranian game”. It was to be used as a way to negotiate with the United Kingdom.

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