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AA Gent walst over tien man van KV Oostende en komt na ruime zege aan de leiding in Europe play-offs

AA Gent dances over a dozen men from KV Oostende and comes after over …

Efficiency, that was the magic word at AA Gent on a Sunday afternoon. Before the break, Ostend dominated the debates, but a nice response – Bezos completed it brilliantly – heralded a Ghent victory and when Hubert got red after defeating a broken Bezos, KVO coach Plesen saw the storm already hanging. Ghent was no longer surprised after the break, and with the driving force of a tired Bezos, he proceeded to a generous victory: 0-4.

In Buffalos, the players who won from KVO last Thursday gained Hein Vanhaezebrouck’s confidence once again. Alexander Plessin surprisingly chose Boonen and Ndicka, so Bataille and Tanghe moved to the bank. Gueye also started again on the bench at Coast Boys who could summon Jack Hendry again. The Scottish defender has adequately recovered from a shoulder injury.

Ostend realized they only entered the run by beating home for the all-out victory in the European Qualifiers. This is the reason why the momentum of the second half of the match continued at Glamco Arena. As usual, the KVO developed high pressure and crossed D’Haese and Hjulsager quickly put their nose against the window. Bulat was also frightened early on when he hit the ball straight into his base with a corner kick.

The buffalo barely managed to play football in the inaugural stage. The midfield was brimming with running actions for the host players and thus the forwards were hardly or not reached. However, it was AA Gent who opened the scoring midway through the first half: Yaremchuk cleverly served his compatriot Bezos and remained calm: the Ukrainian midfielder attacked Hubert and sent him off with a superb header (0-1).

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Hubert errs

KVO was unimpressed with this Ghent goal and Hjulsager served as a great inspiration. The Danish midfielder has embarrassed the attacking midfielder Godot repeatedly and has been the cause of most of Ostend’s attacks. Then, things went completely wrong for Plesen’s squad. Bezos reacted quickly to a lesser pass from Hubert to Vandendriessche and then forced the KVO goalkeeper to make a foul. The stern Lambrechts did not hesitate and drew Hubert’s red color without blinking.

Ostend apparently had to recover from this nonsense and suddenly began to act insecure defensively. Ngdeo almost took advantage of the opportunity, but he headed away. Also aggressively, KVO can no longer develop the same pressure due to this manless mode. Moments later, the Buffalos hit again: Odega took the ball once for Castro Montes, who left substitute goalkeeper Castro without a chance from close range (0-2).

Mastery of Ghent Quiet

After the break, Blesen intervenes. Knight or absent, German thought and Kvacena had to provide additional impetus to Ostend’s vanguard. However, Ghent kept the party quietly in control. Since Blessin had sacrificed D’Arpino during this substitution, Odjidja and Co were able to continue to tap the ball smoothly into Ghent’s midfield, creating the inevitable space.

However, Ghent failed to finish the job. Samoise got a chance to decide on the match early on, but young Gentenaar decided in a hurry. After a few minutes, Yarmchuk completed a superb dash from Mallidi almost perfectly, but Ghent’s striker saw his shot hit the post. On the flip side, it interfered well in an attempt by a scaffold. Now Ghent happily continued his attack and was waiting for Bezos, who scored his second goal in the afternoon from close range (0-4).

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Perfect scenario for Hein Vanhaezebrouck, who has changed a lot. This gave some of the boys some relief, but other players like Tissoudali and De Bruyn managed to gain some extra tempo. As the last quarter approached, superstar Bezos was also allowed to bathe and prepare for the last crucial duels of Buffalo. The playoffs threaten to end with a minor key for Ostend.