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Actions seem inevitable at Brussels Airlines: 'The consultation was a deaf conversation, we don't move a meter' |  for travel

Actions seem inevitable at Brussels Airlines: ‘The consultation was a deaf conversation, we don’t move a meter’ | for travel

New consultations in Brussels Airlines about the workload of the cabin crew have come to nothing. This makes new procedures by the airline seem inevitable. It may be as soon as next week. However, a strike is out of the question. The unions reiterate that they do not want to hit travelers.

Unions in Brussels Airlines filed a strike notice on Monday after a failed attempt to conciliate over the workload of cabin crew. Today, another round of consultations followed, but it did not produce many results.

‘Positions are too far apart’

“The positions were too far apart to come to an agreement,” said Tim Rollant of the liberal union ACLVB. According to him, the unions made various proposals regarding rest times and planning. “However, management cannot or will not accommodate it.”

Even Paul Boykenhout of ACV Puls refers to “conversational deaf”. “We were hoping to make at least a little bit of progress, but we’re not moving forward.”

“Creative Actions”

The unions will inform their supporters in the coming days. There is a good chance – after the brochure campaign and early punctuality campaign – that new actions will be taken. Likely to be “creative works”, “to create the vision”, it seems. There is no intention to go on strike.

Unions have decried the cabin crew’s “excessive workload” for several weeks. “Due to a number of changes in the way they plan, they are increasingly demanding work schedules that cannot be maintained throughout the summer,” it seemed at the beginning of August. The administration has already announced a number of measures, but according to the unions they are not structural enough.

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