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Actor who plays VIP in 'Squid Game' under fire for old footage: 'I'm an American, I do what I want' |  TV

Actor who plays VIP in ‘Squid Game’ under fire for old footage: ‘I’m an American, I do what I want’ | TV

TVAmerican actor Jeffrey Giuliano, 68, who plays VIP 4 in the hit series Squid Game, has received a storm of criticism after old photos of him surfaced. In a video clip, he is shown scolding staff at a Thai supermarket: “Go on your own.”

in pictures from The Daily Mail From 2017, which has now appeared again, it can be seen how Giuliano started a riot at the exit of a supermarket in Pattaya, Thailand. “He appeared out of nowhere and stabbed without any shame. Then, he put about 25 articles on the belt, while this was a cash register of ten products or less,” the video maker testifies.

When other customers begin to protest, the representative scolds them: “Go on your own! I’m an American, I do what I want, we’re kings of the world.” When Giuliano noticed that someone was filming him, he said the following: “Don’t scare me with that camera, I’m an actor.”

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Fans react with shock on social media: “How can this guy be an actor?” Someone asked. Another viewer commented, “No wonder they hired him, he was perfect for the role of an idiot.” “They didn’t throw him. They made him wear a mask and let him go out in the studio,” one of them said on Facebook.

Anti-women statements

Moreover, the video clip is not the only material that can be found on the Internet about the actor. On his personal YouTube channel, we can find videos in which he promotes a dating site that specializes in Thai women. In it, he uses stereotypical terms to describe Thai women.

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The actor also caused a riot a few years ago when he stole John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s secret wedding photos. According to the star, he “borrowed the pictures” for an autobiography he was writing about the band.

Guiliano has had roles in Dragonwolf, Scorpion King 3, and The Sixth Element. He also wrote biographies of Beatles John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison.

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