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Gordon is celibate again: "Unfortunately, our fairy tale is over...

Gordon is celibate again: “Unfortunately, our fairy tale is over…

© Hollandse Hoogte / Mario Nap Photography

Dutch singer and TV personality Gordon Heckerth, 53, who recently immigrated to Dubai with his friend Jeffrey, 24, announced on Instagram on Wednesday that their relationship has ended. “Our fairy tale is over.”

Source: telegraph

Jury member K2 looking for K3 They posted a picture of them together on Wednesday to get the word out. “Unfortunately, our fairy tale ended and Jeffrey and I decided to follow our own path. We had a great time together and look at it fondly.”

“We remain good friends and wish each other nothing but the best,” he added. “Jeffrey is now back in Holland and I am currently traveling to Brussels for TV recordings. We are both very sorry but that is what it is. I will continue my Dubai adventure relentlessly.”

Fortunately, Gordon doesn’t have to be alone in Dubai: His “big sweetheart” dog Toto arrived there last Wednesday.

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