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Adele Launches Creative Las Vegas Show Team After Upset: 'She Wants a Totally Different Show' |  Famous

Adele Launches Creative Las Vegas Show Team After Upset: ‘She Wants a Totally Different Show’ | Famous

FamousAdele, 33, has reportedly fired the creative team responsible for the singer’s Las Vegas shows in recent months, but it was canceled a day before the start in January. The British singer has appointed a new squad to wind down her shows sometime this summer. This Telegraph reports.

According to sources, Adele wants to “make a completely different show than previously envisioned”. “She was so upset after having to cancel her original show at the last minute that she decided shortly afterwards to change track. She wants everything to be fine and fans to get their money back. That’s why she went through her production team and got hired. Other people are able to deliver what you envision.”

Esmeralda Devlin, who had worked for years as Adele’s set designer, was one of the first employees to leave. Adele and Esmeralda had heated discussions about what theater and decor should look like. In the end, they couldn’t figure it out and Kim Gavin, who, among other things, was an art producer for Take That, was hired. She and her team will be putting on a whole new show for Adele, because whatever Esmeralda comes up with will be eliminated from the show.”

For now, Adele’s shows are set to begin in July or early August. The exact dates are not yet known. The singer said in an interview with Graham Norton in February that the shows will definitely continue this year.

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