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Adobe is being sued over ‘misleading hard-to-cancel subscriptions’ – IT Pro – News

It’s also a bit silly. If you purchase an Adobe subscription, you are immediately committed to it for a full year…

If you are there for that He chooses If you just get the cheapest subscription, it’s not unusual to have to pay the full amount because you’re paying for it for an entire year. An additional €35 per month is a lot of money to be able to cancel monthly, you are effectively paying for an entire year in 8 months…

Creative Cloud – All apps

Choose a payment schedule:

€101.35 per month including VAT
You can cancel at any time for free.

Annual and monthly payment
€67.57 per month including VAT
You will be charged if you cancel after 14 days.

Annually, paid in advance
€780.74 per year including VAT
There is no refund if you cancel after 14 days.

It is not up to you or me to decide what a company charges, it is up to you and me to decide for ourselves whether it is too much or not. And I scrapped Creative Suite entirely last year when I could.

I came up with Affinity Photo as a complete replacement, and that’s not all at all! Then I wonder if I used both correctly… And if Affinity Photo does everything you need, Affinity is definitely a better option than Adobe. I also upgraded to the entire v2 Affinity Suite when it was released (I had v1 already). I started using it seriously in recent months and then immediately ran into problems: issues with somewhat poor selection of an object within a pixel image, background removal, batch processing, plug-ins, etc. You can overcome it to some extent. Work, sometimes with free tools, but it takes longer, much longer!

And Affinity isn’t free or anything like that, if you want to keep getting the modern features you’ll have to pay to upgrade, last time (a year and a half ago) it was €120 to upgrade from version 1. And no matter how fast you run Updates, I expect another major release (3.0) in a year and a half, for which you will have to pay an upgrade fee again (which will likely be more than it is now). So, you also actually have a subscription, but you pay every three years (for me, 40 euros per year for three years). So the problem is that Affinity! = Adobe in terms of functionality and these are important details.

I’m now considering an Adobe photography subscription for €145 a year, which won’t make up for the time I’ve spent getting Affinity Photo to do what I want, not to mention the things I can’t do, and I’d even have to start messing around with other apps. Time = money.

This gives a much better overview of how late some features were compressed in version 2 and what important features are still missing: YouTube: Are these features/tools still missing in Affinity Software 2.5? (This comes from the evangelist, by the way)…

By the way, Affinity is now on sale for €90 for the full suite of three apps: Designer (Illustrator), Photo (Photoshop), and Publisher (InDesign), on all three platforms (Windows/MacOS/iPadOS):

Note: I don’t use Affinity Photo or Photoshop for many things, but I often have Paint or open (both apps are free) because they can do a lot and are relatively lightweight for PC. Gimp is much worse than Affinity Photo in terms of difference in functionality and ease of use/efficiency.

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