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McDonald’s removes IBM AI ordering technology from drive-thru – IT Pro – News

I don’t know if millions of jobs will be lost at once due to artificial intelligence. It will be gradual. In fact, there is an incentive to stay in school a little longer to pursue the relevant course. But you immediately try to invalidate a counterargument, when this has happened countless times in history.
Man has begun to use tools and machines more and more. Even the simple invention of the pulley ensured, for example, that fewer people were needed to load and unload the ship, or at least it was faster. Of course, mechanization cost most jobs, but it was also successful in the long run. We don’t have many unemployed people in the Netherlands anymore. In fact, most companies suffer from deficits.

Look, AI is nothing new, and automation has been taking jobs over computers for decades. Artificial intelligence will help with this. I just think that at some point people come home after a rude awakening. I see that there is a very hysterical reaction from some professions because of artificial intelligence, especially from the creative field, because there are artificial intelligence systems that can create places, videos, and music. But what I see is that they are not inventing anything new, but they are building new media by being fed by millions of existing media. The same applies to the AI ​​tools that write pieces of code for us. It all depends on human input. So, if we stop doing that and start using AI, it will stop at some point. Because he cannot come up with anything completely new. Where Bach, Monet and Einstein came up with truly original concepts that no one had thought of before (and therefore not a continuation of an existing work), I don’t think AI can do something like that. Maybe it will happen again, but I won’t experience that again.

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And if something as simple as taking an order at McDonald’s is a problem, I’m not so afraid for my job. :+