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Advertise free content for Inscryption

Recently Inscryption deck builder came out. This game, created by Daniel Mullins Games, is known for its bleak atmosphere. Yesterday, Daniel Mullins announced via his Twitter page that a new free DLC is in the works.

According to Twitter, the free downloadable content is a thank you for all the praise this game has received. The tweet points to the Steam page where more information about the DLC can be found. For example, on the Steam page, it was reported that additional content had been added, such as two rare cards, new items and a boss for those who were able to complete the twelfth challenge level.

Named Kaycee’s Mod, the DLC turns the game into an endless and growing difficulty of a roguelike. New levels unlock new maps, new challenges, and new development records.

The Steam page also explains how to participate in a beta test that is now available.

source: Twitter

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