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Afghan peace negotiator says if the US waited a month, there would be peace

Afghan peace negotiator says if the US waited a month, there would be peace

Fouzia Kofi is an Afghani politician and women’s rights activist. As a Member of Parliament and former Deputy Speaker of Parliament, she was part of the Afghan delegation for peace negotiations with the Taliban in Doha, Qatar. The sudden departure of US forces put many people in needless danger, she says now from her home in Kabul Watchman.

President Biden could have put it off – if only for a month – pending a political settlement. We all want the international army to leave. It makes no sense for a foreign power to protect your country. But the United States chose a bad time: in the midst of negotiations and before an agreement was reached. If the Americans kept paying, I think they would have come to an agreement.”

“Afghanistan has been the victim of a series of mistakes,” Covey said. She added that the lifting of travel restrictions imposed by the United Nations, which allowed Taliban leaders to travel to Doha, was not followed up well. They used this to strengthen their position. They have gone to China, Russia, Iran and Turkey to gain their support.”

Kofi, who has survived two assassination attempts in the past, says she does not want to flee abroad, but fears for the future of Afghan women and girls. “Women feel abandoned by men, men feel abandoned, and women feel cheated. World leaders have not been honest.”

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