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After 16 years of 't Krokantje, Cathy and Olivier pass the torch to Stephanie and Peter

After 16 years of ‘t Krokantje, Cathy and Olivier pass the torch to Stephanie and Peter

Schindelbeek. After 16 years of ‘t Krokantje, Katie and Olivier are passing the torch. Stephanie Capel (35) and Peter Limage (48) have taken over the successful business and are moving there as well. Stephanie will run the business, while Peter will help out in his spare time. Cathy and Peter will open their business for the last time on Saturday 29th June. As of Monday 22 July, Stefanie will be the new face of ‘t Krokantje.

On Saturday, June 29, Cathy and Olivier will raise the curtains for the last time to pamper customers. It’s time to say goodbye, because ‘t Krokantje has gained a good reputation. You can’t just go there for a sandwich, snack, drink and more. Many people from the area came to visit and found a listening, understanding ear and good conversation.

Successful work
No thanks necessary. Successful work is left to an equally experienced and sympathetic couple. From Monday 22 July, drumming will resume at Moenebroek, just opposite Perron. ‘I’m looking forward to getting started. Of course we will maintain the successful concept. The shop opens from five o’clock. “The coffee and cava will be ready,” says Stephanie with a generous smile.

Stephanie will manage the business. Peter works as a train driver for Infrabel and will help out in his spare time. “My mother will come to help me, and in the meantime I’m looking at some flexible jobs to help me through the busy times,” Stephanie realizes.

Stephanie and Peter currently still live in Diffingy. They were looking for a home until they suddenly saw on the Internet that this successful business was for sale. They wasted no time and rushed to Moenebroek. “The sale of the company has gained momentum,” says Peter.

Kilometers on the odometer
Stephanie and Peter know well the adventure they are embarking on. As self-employed people, they already have a few kilometers under their belts. Stephanie kept Café ‘t Fonteintje open in Difting, while Peter ran first Café Olympia and then Café Ruby on Stationsplein for eighteen years. “I also worked at the Colruyt Group for five years. I really enjoyed the work, but I was on an island there and missed socializing. This challenge came at the right time for me,” says Stephanie. “Furthermore, this case is one in A thousand.” I had to hurry so as not to let this opportunity slip through my fingers, otherwise I would deeply regret it.

Stephanie and Peter have three children together. “Three teenagers in the house can be rough sometimes, but all three of them are okay with it,” Stephanie adds. In the coming weeks, both work and home will be updated and the move from Deftinge to Schendelbeke will be organised. “Preparations are well underway. In the meantime, I have my brochures and logo ready. The Facebook and Instagram page have already been launched this week. In fourteen days, I will spend a week getting to know the company and customers well.” Anyone who would like to get to know Stephanie is invited to visit and get to know her.

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