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Timothée Chalamet celebrates end of Hollywood strike with hilarious song: 'A world full of shameless self-promotion' |  celebrities

Timothée Chalamet celebrates end of Hollywood strike with hilarious song: ‘A world full of shameless self-promotion’ | celebrities

celebritiesTimothée Chalamet (27 years old) sang a song during his monologue on the American TV show “Saturday Night Live” in which he celebrated the end of the Hollywood strike. Actors are now allowed to do “shameless self-promotion” of their films again, the 27-year-old joked in the song inspired by the movie “Wonka” in which he stars.

“Come with me and you’ll be in a world of shameful self-promotion,” Chalamet sang over the tune of “Pure Imagination.”, Song from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” In the Song He also promoted printing Wonka, Which will be released in December. Likewise for other films in which the actor plays, e.gSand Dunes: Part 2, Announce.

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“Wonka” is the third film adaptation of the book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”, By Roald Dahl. Chalamet takes on the role of Willy Wonka in this film. This is the first time that the actor is not only showing his acting skills but also dancing and singing in the picture. The movie “Wonka” contains several scenes in which the main character sings songs. Chalamet was reportedly one of the candidates for the role. So he didn’t have to audition for the lead role. Director Paul King said he only needed some old YouTube videos of performances from the actor’s high school to know he had the singing and dancing qualities required for a “Wonka” movie.

an agreement

This week, actors union SAG-AFTRA signed a deal with Hollywood studios. Thus, he ended the actors’ strike that lasted four months. A three-year contract now signed stipulates a seven percent increase in actors’ minimum wages. Bonuses have also been agreed for successful productions with streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+. This earns the actors and the union $40 million annually.

In addition, agreements have been reached on the use of artificial intelligence by major film studios. An actor’s AI-generated likeness may only be used if that person has been paid to do so. This amount should be the same as if the actor had actually worked on the set himself.

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