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After a stunt in front of handball players against Montenegro, Bonivasia: ‘A dream, man!’

Daphne Shippers made her 17th appearance in the 200m semifinals. She is far from old. Of course she is associated with back problems that she has been struggling with for a long time. After his race, Shippers responded emotionally.

“I struggled so hard to be here. You believe a miracle will happen somewhere. It happened in the past, but I miss the coaching job. I have to change every day. I had moments when I was against Bart, coach, version

She walked to Tokyo against the best judgment. “You ‘re trying to keep up the look. That’s it. I’m unfortunate on the track. It takes more energy in the corner. It’s harder. I do not have the energy to compete against others. I do not really know where I was. I have been able to compete in recent years.

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