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After all, the United States does not send naval vessels to the Black Sea

The United States will not send naval vessels to the Black Sea via Turkey this week as tensions between Russia and Ukraine escalate. Turkish officials and the media reported this on Wednesday.

Turkish diplomatic sources say the first US ship did not pass through Turkey. Turkish State Press Agency Anatolia The route of the two ships scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday has been canceled and Ankara has not been notified of the date since then, according to the authority of other Turkish officials.

Turkish officials said the United States had informed them last week on April 14-15 that two ships would sail for the Phosphorus on the Black Sea via Torbanellos. According to the Montreux Conference, which regulates shipping in Turkish waters, countries that do not cross the Black Sea border must announce their ships two weeks in advance.


News of the two ships came at a time when tensions between Russia and Ukraine were re-emerging, and the US was considered to have agreed to stop the warships in Kiev.

The maneuver came a day after a telephone interview between US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. During that conversation, Biden suggested a meeting with Putin in a neutral country and asked Russia to defuse tensions in Ukraine.

Western countries are concerned about the increase as more Russian soldiers have been sent to the Ukrainian border and Crimea in recent days. It came after a series of incidents between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine.

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