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Ultimate Madness Festival Stream Pack Well!

Ultimate Madness Festival Stream Pack Well!

After a year of thinking about what alternative career opportunities they still have, British pop gods have Crazy They finally decided to rebuild themselves and do their best: in a fantastic live show.

Online live show ‘Get Up!’ Produced by Drift, the company behind the memorable online productions for Nick Cave, Niall Horan and Kylie Minogue. ‘Wake up!’ Written by Charlie Hickson and brings Madness back to their element. ‘Wake up!’ This is an event that will air in Europe and the United States on May 14 (May 15 in Australia, New Zealand and Asia) and can only be seen live.

‘Wake up!’ Starring Charlie Hickson, Sucks, Mark, Chrissy Boy, Mike, Lee and Woody as the ghost figure of Victor Marley begins on the deserted and weedy streets of Soho, welcoming you to the abandoned world-famous London Palladium. A hilarious and dizzying journey begins when our Nutty Boys start a live show in what they say is an empty theater. They travel through time and space, between abandoned theaters haunted by ghosts of the past, banded backdoor corridors, bars and balladium dressing rooms, and Mike’s mom’s front room in 1977 in Kendish Town. Madness is incomparable in its ambition and manages to bring music and entertainment to everyone in the family.

Except for one live show that won from their biggest backlist, ‘Get Up!’ An opportunity for fans to hear new Madness songs for the first time. Madness will be joined on stage by special guests, including some of the biggest names in the music scene (and Mike Parson as his Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II). This ensures a goodbye to the locks and Madness can only do good times with them.

The iconic success of ‘Our Home’ has never been hidden since its global success in 1982. In fact, it is highly imaginable that in the last turbulent year it has gained new relevance for many. The original video for ‘Our Home’, shot at the glamorous location of the Williston junction in north London, has been carefully restored from the original 1982 16mm film. This new 4K version brings the iconic video to life – you can now read even the newspapers that hold the boys.

For the first time in nearly 40 years, the original 16mm film was converted to a 4K digital file using the latest techniques of the 21st century, and then manually cleaned to remove dirt and other visual ‘noise’. Above all, the audio is updated from the best audio source available. That hard work makes it the best version of the video ever aired!

The song will be played on May 14th, you know what? You can be (almost) in full festival style! Maxine, in partnership with registration company PMG, can offer the best Madness Party package. Login code for Livestream on May 14th, vinyl latest album and original Madness-Face (and for those who do not understand it, you do not have to participate). Oh, and Mike Parson will play Queen Elizabeth II during the show, where Madness will be joined by special guests …

Beat this fantastic set * Maxine on Facebook, Tell us In the comments below the Facebook post The number of men you would definitely like to hear. Join us soon, because the concert is already next week! Do you want to be sure? Tickets Here For sale!

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