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After an uproar, the TV chief admits: "Finishing the Oscar for Best Actor was a big gamble."  Movie

After an uproar, the TV chief admits: “Finishing the Oscar for Best Actor was a big gamble.” Movie

MovieChoosing to be the last to be awarded the Academy Award for Best Actor of the Year was a big gamble. Rob Mills, the senior president of ABC that broadcasts the party annually, admits in an interview with Variety.

Usually, the best movie award is given last. This year, however, the ranking has been reversed. Critics suspected the group wanted to end with a final emotional chord. Liked actor Chadwick Bosman, who passed away in August, was by far a favorite for his role in ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’. His widow sat in the hall to collect the award.

Actor Anthony Hopkins won for his role in The Father. Nobody expected this. The actor was not even present to accept the award. The Brit only discovered his gains when he woke up the next morning. In a prompt word of thanks scored, he praised Bosman’s work and thanked the Academy for the second statue in his career.

Wrong winner

“We weren’t supposed to end up with a prize for someone who wasn’t there,” admits Mills. It was a risk we consciously took. At the same time it was a final match everyone is talking about. “

Mills compares it to the mistake that happened three years ago. In announcing the winner of the Best Picture Award, actors Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were given the wrong envelope. They reported that “La La Land” was awarded the prize; It turned out to be “moonlight”. This bug caused chaos on the stage. “Some people were angry, and some people enjoyed it. I think both options are better than a show that leaves people indifferent.”

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