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TikTok takes a “very hot” video from the “Home” offline: “There is still something else to see other than our good photos” |  TV

TikTok takes a “very hot” video from the “Home” offline: “There is still something else to see other than our good photos” | TV

TVThe makers of Thuis are in full swing with the times. To encourage young viewers to enjoy the soap, they posted a video on TikTok yesterday. Show some clips that were actually broadcast, which was very provocative according to the social media app. TikTok took the video offline, much to the surprise of producer Hans Roggen.

“Thuis” wanted to attract more young viewers for some time, and thus featured a number of teen actors and youth event stories last season. Recently, content creators have made extra efforts on social media and regularly post bugs, facts, or behind-the-scenes photos on their official accounts. Successfully, because last week the official ‘Home’ Instagram page received its 100,000 followers.

Yesterday, a promotional video was released titled: “I am following the home page for storylines”. A wink message, because after announcing only naked male corpses, he wrote in the caption “T-shirt that explodes: my favorite plotline this season.” Thus the viewer sees the abstract bones of Lowie (Mathias Vergels), Dries (Yemi Oduwale), and Joren (Mathieu Carpentier) characters. The footage was also loaded with a solid mix of the series’ opening credits.


Very hip, and viewers can really enjoy it. The video instantly got around 4,000 likes on Instagram yesterday and was viewed 62,000 times. Because of this success, it was also decided to put the same clip on TikTok, but the pictures did not appear there for a long time. The video is flipped almost instantly from the app.

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“It seems TikTok thought our video was too clear and provocative,” says Hans Rogen, producer of “Thuis”. “Weird,” because all those hilarious pictures have already been seen in “Thuis,” which will air at 8.10 pm and are being watched by so many kids. . And where no one stumbles yet. Moreover, all TikTok followers will definitely agree that there is nothing else to see in this app other than our good pictures. ”

The video can still be viewed on Instagram: