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After Celine Alvarado's tears in Troyes: "The competitors now know that they should be completely fine" |  Cycling World Cup

After Celine Alvarado’s tears in Troyes: “The competitors now know that they should be completely fine” | Cycling World Cup

After her world title in 2020, Celine Alvarado (25) has somewhat disappeared from the spotlight in recent years, but she has seized her opportunity in recent weekends with both hands. She had a noticeably emotional reaction yesterday in Troyes after her 4th win in 4 crosses. “Céline does not accept that other top players automatically win,” says her Alpecin-Deseuninck team.

Fem van Empel’s break and Puck Pieterse’s recent break did no harm to Celine del Carmen Alvarado.

In Nile, Dundermond, Merckplace and Troyes, the Dutch scored 4 clean points out of 4.

After finishing yesterday, Alvarado shed tears. She replied, “I think all the emotions came together. I kept fighting to get to where I am now.”

“Athletes are human beings. It is not abnormal for people to express their feelings,” adds team boss Christoph Rudhoft (Alpecin Desoninck) a day later.

“Celine is of course satisfied to have reached her level again, especially the way she did yesterday was very pleasing.”

Of course, Celine is satisfied that she has reached her level again, and especially the way she did yesterday will be a lot of fun.

Christoph Rudhoft

Rudhoft confirms that the world champion did not choose the easier path.

“She won on Saturday at the Mercpplace in hellish conditions. As a winner, it will take a while before she gets away from there, and then you still have to travel to Troyes.”

“There she faced the new Book Bitters in her first cross since Waterloo.”

“Celine was about ten seconds behind, and with her second slip I also thought the cross was over.”

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“But she kept fighting and didn’t give up. That’s very good.”

“It seems that Celine has deviated from her course.”

“It’s a triumph of perseverance,” Christoph Rudhoft says of the competition and career path of the 2020 world champion.

“After that title, expectations were high and they were largely met, but because of the progress of Van Empel and Pieterse, it seemed as if Celine had gone off the rails.”

“The gist of it was that Puck would win immediately upon her return. Lucinda Brand was also fully involved again.”

“Then it gives you more satisfaction when you win with those competitors. It’s not accepting the fact that other people are automatically winners.”

The gist was also that Bok would win immediately upon her return. Lucinda Brand is also fully involved again. Then it gives you more satisfaction when you win with those competitors.

Christoph Rudhoft

Is this an indication of the coming weeks? “We also have to be realistic. These other women may have more talent, but that doesn’t mean Celine can’t challenge them.”

“She can gain a lot of confidence from this series and especially from Troyes. Maybe she will win one out of every 4 or 5 matches in the coming weeks, but this is definitely worth it.”

“And who knows, maybe it will be 1 in 3. Celine definitely has the qualities for that.”

“After yesterday, Pieterse and Van Empel will also realize that they must be in good shape.”

“This is a signal, because against Alvarado with this situation and this condition, you have to be 100% competitive.”