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Olivier Deschacht: “You’ve already received great offers, you will even laugh” |  Platform

Olivier Deschacht: “You’ve already received great offers, you will even laugh” | Platform

On Friday, Olivier Descht (40) announced that he would end his football career. What now?

He told the De Tribune: “I’m not going to play football anymore.” “Lochristi, the team in which I kept in shape, suggested a role as a coaching player.”

“Now is the time for a vacation and mental peace. I’ve been in the spotlight a lot for the past 20 years. There’s been a lot of talk about me.”

“You will see me appear somewhere in September, but not on a football field,” Descht promises.

so where? “I’ve really had great offers, and surprisingly quickly indeed. I’m not going to go into that now. I’m going to take time to think about it.”

“My future may be in the media or in a technical football system, yes. You may laugh, but that is for a later time,” Descht smiles.

Now that Olivier Descht has stopped playing football, he appears to be loved. Not only the offers are pouring in, but also the congratulations.

“While I have had to fight everything and everyone throughout my career,” he told De Tribune, “I started when I was five when I joined Lochristi. My father was the t-shirt patron at the time.”

I was told, “Olivier plays because his father is looking after him.” But I scored 60 goals and won the championship.

“After Lochristi I went to the Lokeren Youth,” Deschacht continues. “My father was also a shepherd there. We finished second and Anderlecht came to take me.”

“So I had to fight hard against prejudices since childhood.”

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“Admittedly, I played bad matches, but that constant battle against all those prejudices helped me achieve a career. It made me stronger.”

“If everyone were positive, I would have given up more quickly. I owe my career to all these negative people,” he concludes.