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After handing over the believer to the United States, Maduro suspended the conversation with the opposition

“Our delegates have announced that they will stop participating in the negotiating table. George Rodriguez, Speaker of Parliament and Chairman of the Delegation, read the announcement on television.

Shortly before that, it was revealed that Alex Chop was on a flight from Cape Verde to the United States. Saab is a Colombian businessman who has a close relationship with Maduro. Although he was in prison, the left-wing president made him a member of the committee that negotiated political stalemate in the country with the opposition. Saab also has a Venezuelan nationality and holds a diplomatic passport from the country.

Chab was arrested in June 2020 during a stop in Cape Verde. The businessman and diplomat and his partner Alvaro Pulito have been charged with money laundering and fraud in the United States. They are said to be in charge of a network that allowed Maduro and his regime to swindle food aid. They reportedly sent about $ 350 million from Venezuela to accounts in the United States and other countries. Chab faces up to 20 years in prison.

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