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Merkel and Macron want clarification from the US and Denmark …

Merkel and Macron want clarification from the US and Denmark …

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron are seeking clarification from Copenhagen and Washington on reports that the US intelligence agency NSA is spying on European allies with the help of Denmark.

“If the statements are correct, it is not acceptable among allies, it is a matter between European allies and allies,” Macron said after the Franco-German summit on Monday. Macrol said he could only join Macron.

“There is no room for doubt among us,” Macron added. “That is why we expect complete clarity. We have asked our Danish and US allies to provide full information on those revelations, and we look forward to their response.”

Merkel added that she had been assured by the Danish government, through the Secretary of Defense, that she had already expressed what she thought of the reports. “It’s a good foundation that not only clarifies the facts, but also builds a relationship of trust.”

The activities of the NSA have long been known, including that of Edward Snowden, a former NSA freelance employee. Based on its leaks, it was already revealed in the fall of 2013 that a Merkel cellphone had been tapped by the NSA for several years. This led to years of deep suspicion between Berlin and Washington.

On Sunday, the Danish public broadcaster, along with Danish intelligence, reported that Merkel and other European figures from Sweden, Norway and France had been spying until at least 2014. The NSA used the European network of Internet cables, the most important of which are located in Denmark.

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