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Na “het meest verdrietige jaar uit zijn leven” weer goed nieuws voor Marco Borsato

After “the saddest year of his life” he wasn’t good again…

The split between Marco Borsato and Leontine seemed definitive last year, but after various rumors, the singer confirmed that the pair are back together.
Photo: Anneke Janssen

For me, she is the sun and the moon. She is the best of both. Marco Borsato has been singing those lyrics for years, but the next time he can play them live, it could be very special for the Dutch singer. After recently letting him know that he was dating his ex-wife Leontine again, on Friday morning he confirmed to JOE that they were dating again.

They were dating again, he and his ex-wife Leontin (53). Marco Borsato, 54, told the Dutch press a month ago. Instagram photo – of butterflies fluttering below loves in the air Written – tuning the rumor mill is in full swing.

Was the reconciliation finally real? When the singer was a guest on JOE radio on Friday morning, the question was put to him. with the answer we Have a good time right now Presenter Anke Buckinx was not satisfied. After a while, I finally got out. “We’re dating again,” Borsato said.


At the beginning of last year, the couple broke up after a 23-year relationship. The couple has three children: Luca, Sina and Jada. It was, to say the least, a rather turbulent period for the Dutch artist. In 2020 he was going to celebrate his thirty-year career, but now he views it as “the saddest year of my life”. Even before the epidemic stopped, Borsato was already exhausted. Shows, music, and TV shows were out of the question anyway.

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Shortly before that, Borsato had already admitted that in 2009 he was in a relationship with 32-year-old Dutch pianist and composer Iris Hond. However, Leontine continued to support her husband and it seemed that their relationship would weather the storm. Until they announced in February 2020 that he had split. However, there was no open hostility.

Borsato remained silent until two months ago. Bring on the new song Moment Outside, clearly inspired by the events. Leontine was impressed by it. “Really beautiful, my dear,” she wrote to Borsato. “It moves me. So beautiful, pure and loving.” So the bond between the two remained strong. They started dating again, albeit “without an established model”.

But the singer now confirms that he is married again with Leontine. “We’ve known each other for 25 years, everything is new and different, but also familiar and safe,” Borsato says. “We’re not going to move in together again right away, but it’s ongoing.”