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John Legend defends his wife Chrissy Teigen: 'Private messages from Michael Costello are fake' |  Famous

John Legend defends his wife Chrissy Teigen: ‘Private messages from Michael Costello are fake’ | Famous

FamousChrissy Teigen, 35, apologized publicly a few days ago after some old and weak tweets of hers surfaced. Also John Legend (42), Teigen’s husband, is now defending his wife. According to him, Project Runway nominee Michael Costello (38) made up the private messages he received from Chrissy.

“I hope the people who were so quick to spread these lies will admit their mistakes just as quickly,” John Legend said on Twitter. In addition, the singer also wrote that his wife publicly apologized and that Michael Costello only sent some fabricated private messages to the world afterwards. “This exchange is completely fake and made up and never happened.”

enough evidence

Furthermore, Legend has no idea why anyone would participate in this story by crafting a series of messages, but according to Chrissy Teigen’s husband, that’s exactly what’s going on. In fact, a number of inconsistencies have already been noticed in the messages that the “Project Runway” candidate shared on his Instagram account. For example, the icon showing that the Teigen account was verified was missing. Moreover, the blue and purple lettering design was introduced only last year.

Meanwhile, the team behind Costello has already responded to the latest developments. They say Teigen’s now desperate attempt to prove her innocence is a sign that she’s still the same bully she’s always been. They also say they have a lot of evidence. “In addition to private messages and public comments, we have several emails and other documents in our possession that demonstrate Chrissy Teigen’s bullying behavior goes beyond social media.”

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